Thursday, 9 January 2014

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Today, navigation maps are used all over the web. Along with the development and usage of Flash, there are interactive maps created using flash. Such maps also come with many other fascinating features. Few of the amazing features available are mouse over tool tips, text boxes, dynamic routes displayed, hints, lines, icons, landmarks, clickable points etc. If you visit any website today, you are sure to find a page with interactive map where you can find the location and branches of the companies. However, one should not be mistake this kind of graph with actual geographic map.
Interactive graphs can be used to create office location, area for street, cart for the organization and even calendar. If you wish so then you can also add points where the viewers can click. You may also have your mouse over tooltips and can make your map colorful if you please. Let your website gain all the popularity as you add these user friendly features to your website through this source. If you are looking for such a service, you need to get in touch with superb experts. Talk to them what you need. You are glad to know that they are sure to give you a productive outcome. 

To make your company’s website hassle free and user friendly you need to improve the navigation through new modern tactics. With Javascript map; you can generate a local area graph and have it in your website. This makes it easier for your clients or customers to understand where your office headquarters and branch are located. You can also pinpoint certain routes for customers’ convenience. Interactive maps also allow you to point out the major landmarks for easy search. To make it more technically advanced and easy to access, you can also create clickable Interactive graphs with flash. With zooming feature is another added advantage to your website.  So, if you want your website to top the traffic, you should avail software for such modern graph right away. You may use readymade templates for maps or can also import image files, like JPG or GIF image, in the software and then add the other elements, such as icons, mouse over tooltips, clickable dots, and many other user friendly features. Interactive Maps are a major requirement for every organization. Let people know where you have your business setup, make your company famous through online web-portals, let customers find it easy to find you with highly featured modern way so that you can keep customers happy and your business growing!


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